What's in our Treats

Miss Drew's Bakery offers your pooch freshly baked treats that will have them drooling for more. Made in Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula we use local and Australian sourced human grade ingredients such as Australian Buckwheat Flour which is wheat Free, lower in fat and has lots of great health properties, we buy this direct from where its grown and milled in Australia. Freshly sourced human grade Australian meats , seasonal fruits and vegetables, Yogurt, locally made Peanut Butter that contains 100% peanuts and nothing more (peanuts are grown in Qld and made in Melbourne. Raw Honey direct from the local bee farmer. Organic Coconut Oil. Icing for our cookies are Yogurt and Carob based. The Sprinkles, 100 and 1000s are manufactured in New Zealand using natural foods for coloring. We use a combo of both natural food color as well high grade food color that is dog friendly. We do not add any salt or sugar to our treats but please be aware that there is sugar in the decorations we use (such as sprinkles) so we try to use them in moderation

We want to create special treats that are not mass made with cheap imported off cuts and unwanted fillers off a factory floor. We make your treats fresh so we bake to order. Please allow up to a 5-7 business day turn around before your order is shipped. (busy times of the year like Christmas may take longer so please allow up to 10-12 business days before shipping) 

As Miss Drew's products don’t add in nasty preservatives so some treats will stay fresh longer than others we recommend our treats have a shorter shelf life than commercial store brought ones. If stored out of direct sun, heat or warm humidity they will last longer. Kept in the fridge will keep them fresh longer. 

Miss Drew’s iced & decorated treats were not created to be a meal replacement for your furry friend’s dinner bowl as for any "snacks” give them in moderation like a special reward. If your after every day treats we also make fruit, veggie & meat treats. 

All our treats are taste tested by Miss Drew the Pug and if she gives us the paw approval then we think your pooch will love them too!

*As with any fresh food product that can be affected by heat or moisture if there is ever any sign of mold present please do not feed to your dog. We put "best by" dates on our label as a general guide but always check over any food you give to your dog.